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Sights to See

In and Around Saltburn

Saltburn Pier & Vertical Tramway

Saltburn Pier is the last remaining pier on the North-East coast of England.

Saltburn Pier and Tramway

Development on the pier was started in 1867 and completed in 1869 as the showpiece of the Saltburn coastal resort.

In 1884 the vertical lift was replaced with a water powered tramway, which for 75p will take you to the bottom of the cliff and the pier.

Once on the beach you can take a right and walk to the bottom of Huntley Cliff or perhaps into the Victorian Valley Gardens or in the Summer take a look at the old Mortuary that is part of the collection of buildings that make up the original Saltburn.

Or you can take a left along the beach and wander up the beach to Maske or perhaps if you’re more adventurous Redcar or if you’re really up for a challenge as far as the Tees Esturary 12 miles away where you can see the last of the Cleveland Steel Industry.

Either way it is easy to spend a pleasant day messing about on the beach.

Saltburn Valley Gardens

As part of the development of Saltburn as a Victorian seaside resort the beck and woods leading up to Saltburn were re-modelled as formal, landscaped gardens. Only a few minutes walk from the apartment it makes for a pleasant morning stroll.

Within a 45 mins Drive:

Cleveland Hills

Rosebury Topping

Rosebury Topping (Norse for Hill)

The Cleveland Hills are a range of hills bordering the top of the North Yorkshire Moors dipping dramatically down into the Tees Valley. It perfect for walks and a national trail the Cleveland Way runs across it ending in Saltburn.

Kilburn White Horse

Kilburn Horse

The northern-most hill figure in England, it was created in 1857 on the inspiration of Kilburn local Thomas Taylor. It is formed by carved limestone and is 97 meters long by 67 meters high covering 1.6 acres.

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